Feathered Hair & How to Achieve That 70s Retro Look * 2021 

Feathered hair is a very unique hairstyle that originated in the early 80s and later became very popular with both women and men. Feathered hair was originally designed for naturally straight hair. The feather hairdo is usually layered with a center or side parting. The hair is then brushed with a feather mix that adds texture and volume to the roots. Most of this type of hair comes from birds such as swallows, cardinals, and quail. It can also come from many other animals such as crocodiles and elephants.

For the feathered hair, you’ll want a short pixie cut styled close to the face. Feathered hair to look layered, you must have layers and not ragged. Using a curling iron to create the pixie cut will give depth and lift without looking lush.If you have long hair and want a feathered haircut, you can add waves to your pixie cut. A pixie shape is best for long hair and if you have shorter hair, a bob style will look more appropriate. Using a flat iron, roll the hair into a tight coil and then use the curling iron to create a bob shape. Then separate the curls by brushing down on both sides.

One of the most common feathered hair is a long layered haircut that creates a bowl-shaped block on top. To complete the feathered hairstyle, use a curling iron with an extra-long barrel that is slightly bent upwards. This will provide height and define the bowl-like block. You can achieve the same effect by parting the hair from the front and then framing the face with a comb or brush. With this hairstyle, you can use a pearl-faced curling iron and have the feather cut in the back.

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Another great modern styling tip for feathered hair is to incorporate old-style techniques into your modern hairstyles. “Where did all the hair go?” You can use the swing style to make a statement saying. If you’re going to go for that old school look, try a pale lace wig to bring back some of the past. For a modern twist, try a textured bob with wide sweeping bangs, this will mimic 70s retro hairstyles. This style works great for those who want a sleek modern look with just a little bit of texture.

If you’re trying to create a look from Feathered Hair tutorials, you might be surprised at how much detail the different lengths of your hair require. A simple step cut can go short to long and back again, but it takes a few different lengths to get it right. Using a layered cut to create length will give you layers that flow beautifully and add some texture. Layering can also be done by cutting a layer on the scalp to give it an out of the box style. A textured braid can add some texture to a layered look to complete the look.


The shaggy haircut of the 70's varies according to your face shape. Ideas are presented in our article and your hairdresser will also suggest a model.

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