Choosing Oil Slick Hair Color That Matches Your Natural Tone * New 2021

Oily slick hair, this particular style is a sophisticated style that applies a beautiful blend of green, blue, and magenta tones to light hair, giving it an iridescent look. Oily slick hair is similar to the classic pastel hairstyle, but the sparkling effect is partly due to mixing lighter shades rather than ultra highlights. Oily slippery hair can create a very noticeable look or a natural overall effect.

The oily slick hair color trend has been around for quite some time. In the mid-nineties, it became an even more common trend for women like Madonna to wear iridescent locks on the “Pop Idol” cover. The color caught on the trend and more women started wearing the rainbow hair color trend, especially in fashion magazines. Many women who were not satisfied with their natural color soon found a way to change their locks by changing their hair color, and oily slick hair became even more popular.

choosing-oil-slick-hair-color-that-matches-your-natural-tone-720x397 Choosing Oil Slick Hair Color That Matches Your Natural Tone * New 2021 Beauty


Secrets of Choosing Oily Slippery Hair Color to Match Your Natural Tone

You can achieve oily slippery hair by using a very little amount of hair products such as conditioner and keeping your hair very moist. Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with half a glass of shampoo. Then use a plastic sponge to apply the mixture to your dry hair. Work your hair until you’re satisfied with the consistency – it’s not greasy, it’s not thin, and it’s slightly more textured than if you use a paddle to apply the product. If you have light-colored hair and want to give it an extra shine, try using one of the new dark hair colors. These are colors like platinum yellow, dark brown, or black-brown. These colors create a very stylish and bright look that some models and celebrities have adopted. The key is to find a product that matches your natural color, but if you choose to go this route, you can add highlights. As a result, we have oily slippery hair.

Oily slick hair may be best for you if your natural color is pale. There are times when even dark hair colors naturally don’t go right, for example, if you have very fine to medium hair. If that’s the case, consider going with the highlights to add a little more depth. Again, the key to such highlights is to use a low-end product and use it sparingly. Highlighting will only make your locks heavier and less healthy, so you should try to avoid this at all costs. If you have light to medium hair and want to change your overall look, try one of the new balayage colors. This look is a mix of two different colors: brunette and blonde. The result is a look that is both soft and sexy and has been popular for the past few years. So if you want to completely change your look, consider oily hair color that matches your natural color.

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