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Art the Clown‘s This crazy costume of a gorgeous clown is the perfect depiction of the weirdest-looking makeup art the clown she wore infamous Cult classic “The Scary.” Every detail of Art the Clown perfectly represents the clown mask, including its wild pointed nose, pointy teeth, and maniacal smile. Full-top latex mask made of vinyl with a removable face mask. One size fits most adults’ heads. For those looking for the ugliest, wildest, and weirdest Halloween costumes, look no further than the incredibly awesome Art the Clown. Also known as Maniacs and Mannequin, this awesome Halloween costume will bring a little laughter to everyone in your family and crowd. Mike Giannelli is the man behind the creation of this masterpiece. The original concept was created for the movie Tim Burton, starring Tim Burton as Art the Clown. To me though, it’s even better than the original art is recreated in this awesome latex Halloween mask.

Art the Clown has always been described as a pesky, rude, and disgusting clown who wears a bright red clown outfit and has a bizarre obsession with rotten eggs. In the painted and designed costumes, you will see that the suit color is red; but it doesn’t stop there. You will find several painted or sprayed clown heads and torso on top of the garment. There are also several small scenes to be included in the costume. These accessories include a bed of rotting teeth, a hand covered with a diseased glove, and a cauliflower ear. The scariest part of the Art the Clown costume is an often white distorted clown face. This face screams for all the wrong reasons like an animated creepy clown trying to get into your home or school. This costume is not for those with a faint heart or weak odor. I’m sure you can handle a funny or creative person occasionally with this costume, but for those of you with more sensitive immune systems, this costume could cause a stroke. The good news is that this creepy clown costume mask can be easily removed from your costume with a simple wet paper towel.

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This Halloween party with clown art will be awesome! Remember what you said; “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” You won’t have to worry about this thanks to the unique art and design of Mike Giannelli Halloween masks. Frankly, it’s the kind of costume that is sure to be a big hit for kids and adults alike this year. Kids love to wear them, and when you add that to the fact that orange and black colors suit just about anything and everything in your home, you have a costume that will be a huge hit at any Halloween party you choose to attend. If you want some really cool Halloween costumes this year, I would definitely recommend getting a few Mike Giannelli Halloween masks. I know I will do it especially after seeing how beautifully the mask is designed and how realistic the face looks when worn. When looking for a very unique and original Halloween costume, this one is definitely worth checking out.

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